Debtor finance is a product whereby the lender assists you with working capital requirements using your debtors in replace of landed security.

It can be useful when there is insufficient security or if you wish not to have residence as security for your business borrowings .


Cashflow , Working capital , Debtors

Are you experiencing cash flow issues ?

Is your business seasonal and income slows down at certain parts of the year ?

It may be possible that you need some working capital requirements

This can be done in a number of different ways with business credit cards , overdrafts and debtor finance

If the amount you are after is small and unsecured the banks will usually look at offering a business credit card which can assist with your purchases

An overdraft is typically used for larger capital requirements and may be unsecured

Debtor finance is a type of working capital that uses your debtors to fund your capital . You do not need bricks and mortar to secure this type of loan but there are certain criteria that needs to be met to in order to have this type of facility .

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