Commercial Loans

Are you considering purchasing a commercial unit ?

Do you currently rent a commercial unit and are you considering purchasing your own  ?

Would you like to know the criteria required to move into your own commercial unit ?

Different banks have different criteria , rates , refinance or new business promotions and we are here to help you through this process.

Unlike housing loans the deposit required or security needed for a commercial loan ranges between 20% to 30% and may be less if the property is specialised. This security can be in the form of property if available.

Rates can vary depending on the security on offer , the loan amount and the term you are looking for .

Most commercial loans are for larger borrowings of say $ 1m and over . for borrowings less than this a business loan will suffice.

Business Loans

Do you need working capital ?

Looking to purchase equipment ?

Need a new vehicle ?

Looking to purchase an existing business?

Terms and conditions are similar to that of a commercial loan . The main difference is the loan size. Business loans are usually smaller borrowings or some banks will classify this as less than $ 1m in borrowings.

Some banks and smaller lenders will consider unsecured loans for working capital etc. If this is something you may need please just give us a call and we can verify this for you.

We can also assist you with small unsecured business loans ( conditions apply) and the likes of invoice or debtor finance where by the institution uses your debtors or receivables to

assist with your short term working capital requirements

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