What information is required

Income details

Last two (2) years personal tax returns
Last two (2) years Notice of Assessments
Last three (3) most current payslips
Last two (2) years group certificates


Last two (2) years business tax returns
Last teo (2) years Profit & loss reports
Last two (2) years Balance Sheet reports

Last three (3) months statemonts for all existing personal loans,credit cards and store cards
Last three (3) saving account statements


Bank statement showing deposit funds held ( min 3 months evidence if 5% deposit)
Copy of the Offer & Acceptance


Last six (6) months existing home loan statements

Construction loans

Copy of plans & specifications
Copy of Fixed price building contract


Copy of 100 point Identification
Passport / Birth certificate / Drivers licence

Additional information required

List of assets and market values
▪ property
▪ vehicles
▪ house contents
▪ superannuation
▪ tools

Idea of living expenses is extremely important especially with the recent changes in policies. We need to provide 3 months bank statements to show spending pattern along with itemising expenses such a the following :

▪ groceries
▪ utilities
▪ memberships
▪ school fees
. rates
. phone
. motor vehicle
. insurances
. maintenance
. board
. internet
. dinners
. petrol